I will create a website tailored to your needs but also tailored to your budget. Having run a small business for over 20 years I am well placed to understand the demands on small businesses. I am based near Banbury and am happy to visit locally to discuss your needs.


Nowadays websites are viewed on several different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop computers. It is important that the design of the site responds to the device it is being viewed on and this is called 'responsive design'. We work with WordPress themes to ensure your site will be fully responsive.


I will take you through the easy steps to update your own site, once it has been created. Or, if you prefer, I can continue to look after your site for you and action any updates you send. Fees charged for simple updates are minimal - I will not hold you to ransom!


There are an awful lot of initials bandied about in web design. I will talk you through them and the various options to maximise the impact and security of your website. If you plan to retain email addresses etc gathered through your site, I can talk you through writing a Privacy Policy.


Costs associated with having a website

There are 3 areas of costs when you decide to create a website for your business.


You need to purchase a domain name, eg mybusiness.co.uk. This will cost you about £12 (+VAT)per year (more for a .com domain). This can be done through the web service company you use for your web hosting (see SECOND)


Next you will have to pay a web service company for 'hosting'of your website and this will typically cost about £70-£80 (+VAT) per year, with an additional cost for the Security Certificate (SSL) which is increasingly esssential.


Finally, the design costs for creating the site. In my case they would start at £100 for a simple one page site (like this one) and for a larger, multi-page site would be about £250. I do not charge VAT.


This is a selection of my recent clients and their experience of working with Pictures & Design to develop their websites
Uppercut Hair Studio


"Janie has great design ideas, working with her is always businesslike but also fun! She really listened to me and helped me structure my thoughts. She was always quick to respond to any of my queries. Great value for money, I am thrilled with my site. "

Micaela Haslam, Soprano

"Janie Mann is a joy to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has lots of great ideas and huge amounts of patience, and really takes the time to design your website to suit you. She also takes the worry out of all the technical stuff. I’m delighted with the way my website has turned out and for all the work that Janie put into it, which I’m sure would have been totally unaffordable if she’d charged by the hour. This was incredibly good value and I’m extremely grateful for it."

My Time is Yours


"Janie has created a fantastic website for me to promote my business. I am not a natural with computers and Janie has been patient and taken time over the important details to get it just right. She has understood what I want and worked with me to get there. It is a creative site reflective of my work that I am very pleased with."